Black Label Lifestyle Caps By Melin- An Easy Way To Improve Your Style

Caps have been an extremely popular type of headgear worn all around the globe. These are accessible in different shapes, sizes and hues. There are various types of caps available in the markets which are named according to the sport in which they are being used.

Phat Headwear is an Australia based company that offers a great range of caps and hats that can be used to achieve that casual look effortlessly. We take pride in offering a host of sporty caps that offer an easy way to support your team. We present to you with different types of fans caps related to various teams and give you an opportunity to get your favourite merchandise.

We offer high quality Black Label Lifestyle caps by Melin that go far in giving you a sporty look. These caps offer an easy way to appear stylish as well as trendy while uplifting the look of your attire.

A few of the most popular types of caps falling in this category:

1. Melin The Intrigue Strapback

This cap belongs to the signature Camper fit line. The outside panels of the crown have a printed texture. The brim of the cap is made from quilted leather. It features a leather strapback which is complemented by Nappa sheep leather. The under-visor is made from dull suede leather and has a signature enamel seal. The cap features a performance texture and a sewed sweatband for high breathability and comfort. The top has unique shaped eyelets and custom button support.

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2. Melin The White Cap Snapback

The Melin The White Cap Snapback is one of the most trendy and stylish products from Black Label Lifestyle. The front and back panels are produced using the Egyptian cotton chambray. The top of the cap accompanies its Performance brand moisture wicking lining. The top visor of the cap is made from Nappa leather while the under-visor is made from silky leather. There is a uniquely formed white enamel front logo trim and plastic snapback. The top additionally has a signature white under visor seal with white enamel and features an exceptionally formed white enamel eyelets. There is additionally a hidden “besom” pocket. The Melin name has been meticulously woven onto the top.

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3. Melin Akala Snapback

This cap is very uniquely designed. The top visor and outer crown panels are made out of sublimated performance texture. It also features the special Melin Brand Performance moisture wicking lining and silky leather under visor. It also has a hidden “besom” pocket and signature dull nickel seal with white enamel. It also has a custom formed rubber snapback cap and dull nickel eyelets. Moreover, it has a Melin mark woven taping.

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Browse our website for exploring a huge variety of trendy caps and hats that can easily serve to enhance your casual look while making you look stylish. These caps are also a great way to show love for your team!

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