Melin Is What Makes You Different From Others

Melin brand caps AustraliaFashion in Pop culture found a new meaning with the introduction of Melin brand caps Australia. The founders of this company are cap enthusiasts themselves. Caps are a necessity for their style. With a close look at the celebrity lifestyle in the pop culture, the founders realized the importance of luxury in their outfits and accessories. Thus, they traveled around the world in search of the best quality fabrics. Melin uses the premium quality leathers in their products. These leathers served the fashion world for many years. However, Melin used them for headgears for the first time ever. The unique best of simplicity and sophistication are what makes them exceptional.

The Treats Come in Two Variations

Melin went through the pain of combining the right materials together for the best products. Our company offers two different editions of caps with their unique features.

Black Label Lifestyle

Melin brand caps Australia launched the Black Label Lifestyle edition for a rugged and confident look. It perfectly goes with your stern personality and a keen sense of style. They use their personal brand of fabric for moisture wicking qualities. We use lambskin leather for the brim and Nappa lambskin leather for the closure. A fine quality of grey silk suede is used for the under-visor. It features the Melin signature seal of dark nickel with enamel. This six-paneled design has molded eyelets and a ‘besom’ pocket. Phat Headwear lists the best Melin products that are available for international shipment.

Watermelin Edition

The Watermelin version packs some exciting features that never fail to amaze the consumers. Melin uses a water-repellent material for the outer part of the caps. The inner crown always features the moisture wicking Melin material. Ballistic nylon is used for the exterior part and the under the visor. However, the front panels and the upper part of the visor have Japanese neoprene. On the other hand, the back panel has laser perforations. The material used for the visor has a resin blend mold and EVA foam and repels water. The logo on the cap is 3D and metal-coated.

It Is the Perpetual Trend

It is a proven fact that hats never go out of style. People have been wearing caps to enhance their style for ages. Thus, Melin focuses on creating a cap that speaks for itself. Needless to say, the company has achieved its goal with a huge range of caps for fancy occasions. Caps are the unique part of the style. So, it is only fair that you find your luxury in them.

Change The Game Among Your Peers With The New Era Caps

Flexfit Cool & Dry Pique Mesh CapYou all have to find your own style while you’re out there. It’s a harsh world and you need to step up in order feel supreme. Re-invent yourself with the New Era caps and show your style. Caps have been a mark of fashion statement in the recent years. It shows what you are, what you believe in and most of all, your charm. Having a collection of innumerable brands, find what best shows your personality. Buy online New Era caps and change the entire look you have after putting on that cap. When you take a look at their catalog of caps, that feeling of awe is inevitable.

You represent the Game itself

After taking a look at the styles, find the one you can rock. It’s not just about the style, but also where you take it with you. The MLB, NFL and the NBA collections will blow your mind. You represent the sport in the most amazing way when putting on the cap that you chose. Every team you support, every game you support, New Era has a cap for them all. You will feel the sportsmanship rising within you the moment you put it on. Buy online New Era caps and experience the heat of the game.

All the style, no matter the size

They understand the needs of the customers and style is not the only thing you see. The moment you put on that cap and it feels right, that what they aim for. You all have different sizes and fitting is imperative to comfort. New Era caps offer you everything from comfort to style in one fell swoop. Whether you’re an adult male or female, the excellence and innovations of New Era caps will amaze you. Your toddlers can flaunt these caps too while crying they will look even more cute with these caps on.

Get yours today, don’t fall behind

Whatever the occasion, the way these caps get made offer comfort ability and supreme fitting. They make caps for various teams and customers. Over the years their talent has grown and the caps have grown in quality. The sheer number of choices you get from caps to the classic fedoras makes them special. You don’t want to fall behind on this amazing ride from an establishment that offers top quality caps. When you try one for yourself, you will see the difference. Buy online New Era caps and get to know what a good cap feels like. When you put on a cap and it feels amazing. That mixed feeling of relief and comfort coupled with the passion for the game makes it worth it.

Are Snapbacks for Gentlemen? Our Take

For all their goodness, snapbacks are generally associated with sports. And they are not typically donned by those who wear formal attire and polished shoes during the day, and rightly so. We are all for preserving the sanctity of the workplace and more than, respecting the occasion. However, we take slight umbrage if the same people do not try some of our caps even when they are out in the evening.

A lot of this has to do with perceptive stereotypes built around people who usually wear caps. And the gentlemen often seem to avoid caps, not knowing what they are missing out in the process. In this article, we try to reach across to them with a few things no one told them before.

Snapbacks are leisure beings, just like you

Snapbacks for Gentlemen
A snapback is not some dude waiting in the wardrobe to merely match and complement other outfits. They are character accessories – more like watches. They are partly responsible for your mood. On most occasions, snapbacks give a leisurely vibe that complements the mood you are in.

When you look cool, you might as well act likewise. And the feeling sinks in. Once you are in the mood, people catch up to you. That takes the evening forward and you suddenly feel you are being a productive person even in your leisure time.

And since these are available in all possible colors and designs, you will never have an issue finding the one that is a total spiritual match.

They only add to your personality

melin brand caps australia
Many business class people feel that snapbacks take away a part of their persona that they have worked so hard to build. What they do not realize is that they are completely missing on developing a completely different aspect of their own personality – the cool one; the one that brings up a child.

However, the overall psychological aspect of personality building rests on the person wearing the cap. Whether you take something from it or not is completely your own discretion.

Here is what you get

Not composite by any stretch (you can always have your own list), here are a few things you gather when you wear a snapback:

A new personality trait: It is not just about one cap you wear. It is all about shifting into a new sphere with a new look. More than that, you tend to break free of the comfort zone that you create for yourself.

Some more compliments: Whose confidence was ever hurt with some additional complements? We cannot recall of anyone instantly. But hey! It always feels good when you take a few people by surprise, especially the ones in your family.

The my-daddy-so-cool look: Speaking of family, every child deserves a cool dad. No, you cannot become a cool dad by wearing some silly cap. But a wise man once said kids are totally judgmental about their parents. So, you might as well look cool while you are at it.

And this is what you lose

Do not blame us for it, we tried hard. If at all, you lose some of your hard-earned ego!

Best of $50 Snapbacks: Ones You Can Have Right Away

Budget snapback purchase is a delicate art. You cannot just jump the gun and expect a $50 snapback hat right out of the blue. For all we know, there is some measure of time and research involved in making the purchase decision. And it is not always an easy one even after that. So we decided to ease the process a bit for you. In this article we show some of the best cheap snapbacks under $50 that you can order from our store right now. Before we start, please note that prices are variable and may go slightly up and down in the future.

  • 47 Black Blank MVP

47 Black Blank MVP
This is a 47 Brand classic blank cap. Fitted with a curved brim and a low structured crown, this beauty will cost you around $30 Australian money. The material used in making the cap is woolen blend and has been rigorously tested for all kinds of weather conditions.

Buy the ’47 Black Blank MVP once and we assure you the classic appeal of this black cap will never fade on you.

  • 47 EPL Liverpool FC No Shot Captain – Red

47 EPL Liverpool FC No Shot Captain – Red
Are you a Liverpool FC supporter? This red madcap has been built for you. Straight out of the 47 pool of caps for premier league football, this red shot version of the cap takes inspiration from the blazing hit black and red Liverpool FC cap.

And even if you are not a Liverpool or football fan, you can always wear this 50 AUD cap for the iconic charm of the red army.

  • 47 Nitro Circus Patch Basic Captain – Camouflage

47 Nitro Circus Patch Basic Captain
If you are among those of us who have always wanted to own a military camo cap and have always been overwhelmed by the price, this is the cap for you.

The Nitro Circus Captain Cap built by 47 is one of our favorite cheap snapbacks. Ripped embroidery and delicate labeling together make this cap a favorite among people of all age groups.

  • 47 Socceroos MVP

47 Socceroos MVP
This is one cap that sums up the spirit of our nation. You can adjust the size of this cap just the way you want. The high quality plastic closure makes sure the longevity is way more than ordinary stitch caps. The 100% cotton and wool blend material makes it a hit for every season.

There is a moisture-absorption band in the inner lining of the cap. Priced at around AUD 45, this is one cap that you can either buy for yourself or gift someone dear.

  • Flexfit 2 Tone Suede Snapback

Flexfit 2 Tone Suede Snapback
You may not believe it, but this cap costs less than AUD 30. And that is not just because of the wool blend material making the Flexfit 2 look costlier than it is. The soft construction of the cap keeps you comfortable it in day in and day out.

Would Your Kid Like a Superhero Snapback? Tell Us

In pop culture, two pieces of clothing are extensively used to make statements w/o sounds – the t-short and the cap. Speak of t-shirts and there’s a whole industry of creativity out there. Designers are flaunting all their skills and conceptualizers are making more money than ever. And with all that space at your command, there’s the option of being a little descriptive too.

But caps are not t-shirts. They are just caps – with a nice fit and limited space for words. However, there’s just about enough space for symbols, labels, logos, initials, team stamps, embroidered stamps, and superheroes. Yes, superheroes. And when it comes to superheroes, there aren’t bigger fans than kids.

What do superhero caps represent?

superhero caps
Superhero caps are the finest representatives of the inter-species evolution in the middle ages. Kidding! They represent fandom, what else. We all have our favorite superhero moments and who would not like to feel like one.

Unlike most of us, kids take superheroes a lot more seriously. They are passionate about them to the point that they believe superheroes are real. And that is why they want to collect everything related to their heroes – action figures, t-shirts, and even caps.

Child psychology is a sweet thing. A super hero cap can make them feel actually powerful. They act like they embody the same traits that their favorite hero does. Sure, those feelings do not last long (and thankfully so), but your kid can pick up some necessary confidence at a very early age.

Do prominent brands make them?

Some do and some don’t. What is important is that most superhero houses tie up with some or the other reputable clothing line to make superhero snapback caps. For all you know, some houses like Marvel make their own caps and t-shirts and fill clothing stores with them.

If you do not find a match between your kid’s favorite superhero and your favorite snapback brand, do not feel about it. Some things are just meant to be, and others aren’t. Most sport brands do not make caps for non-sport themes.

The major takeaway is that there’s no compromise on quality. As lovers of headgears, that is what matters to us. If the fit, grip, longevity, relaxation, and material aspects of the cap are fine, who gives a toss on who made the cap in the first place?

Does your kid want one?

Ask them nicely and you will know. Most children love superheroes and we believe they would love a mark on their cap too. Show them a few pictures and you just could gather an idea about the best birthday present.

Tell us about it

Do not hesitate. We will keep it a secret. Most importantly, you never know what surprise awaits your child on their next birthday!

Phat Headwear believes that every child has a right to happiness!

These Snapbacks Are Totally Redefining Leisure – Are You on Board?

The internet has gone rave about some of these caps – heck, even celebs are wearing these. But what’s about these leisurely snapbacks that makes them the coolest headgears in town? We dug deep with some of these models and we are pinch glad that most of these turned out as impressive holidays in a Pacific yacht.

Let’s kill the bore with some of our hand-picked leisure snapback caps for you!

47 White Blank MVP

47 White Blank MVP

Let’s start it with some plain, simple, and white talking. Here is the ’47 White Blank MVP in all its simplistic glory. Why do we pitch for this as a great leisure cap? Well, it’s a classic and an unofficial hall of famer among 47 brand blank hats.

Made from woolen blend material, and built with a curved brim and low-structured crown, the cap is also known to provide that classic snapback fit. More than anything else, it is the flat embroidery on the sides that makes us total, unapologetic fans!

47 MVP New York Yankees Black Snapback

47 MVP New York Yankees Black Snapback

While this is the official New York Yankees MLB black cap, we find this to be one of the best leisure caps in the world for its sheer iconic penetration. We are sure most people outside the US do not even understand what the cap logo is for.

With structured fit and brushed cotton twill, this adjustable snapback will be your hero regardless of where you are travelling in the world. It’s also our favorite recommendation if you do not like a loud cap when you are travelling.

Melin Baywatch Snapback

Melin Baywatch Snapback

This is how cool you look, when you are called the Melin Snapback Snapback. Who do not just buy this hat, you buy a statement of your own. The surest choice for colorful backpackers, this cherry has class written all over it.

With the woven Melin brand label and custom molded white enamel eyelets, there is a lot more in the cap than it meets the eye. The ballistic nylon undervisor is what makes sure you do not even realize the hat is on.

Melin The Pacific Snapback

Melin The Pacific Snapback
Do you like beaches? Or, are you the forest person? It does not matter when you are wearing Melin The Pacific. For this is one cap that will make you look cool everywhere.

With a sublimated front panel and power mesh back panels, the cap is definitely as strong as the name sounds. The Melin brand woven taping adds a pinch of authority. For the true traveller, there’s a hidden besom stash pocket as well.

Mitchell & Ness Cleveland Cavaliers The Gaze Snapback

Mitchell & Ness Cleveland Cavaliers

Genuine NBA merchandise, the Mitchell & Ness Cleveland Cavaliers Snapback makes it to our list of the best leisure snapbacks owing to its appeal, material richness, and good looks. The charcoal denim cotton crown and deft embroidery around the logo make it a good compliment for any casual outfit.

The pinch of the Cleveland Cavaliers snapback is hard to ignore, especially when you are leisurely bent!

Mitchell & Ness Chicago Bulls Grounded Snapback

Mitchell & Ness Chicago Bulls

Trust the Chicago Bulls to lighten up any court in the world. And outside the court, it is their branded snapback. Built with a rough texture, the snapback gives you just the right mix of material foodness and fit.

The black visor on the cap means you can pair this one up with any pair of denims and casual, loose-fit t-shirts.

So these were some of our most trusted picks for leisure. Keep following Phat Headwear for more insights on caps and fashion.

Mesh Snapbacks for Summer: Are They Any Good?

Not many of us who buy branded snapback hats would actually be asking that question. The truth is some mesh snapbacks are problematic, and not all. And that is because they are sourced from problematic sources – companies that manufacture snapbacks locally and sell them with the best brand labels. This in turn creates a problem for the real manufacturers, who have a hard time explaining to their customers that mesh snapbacks are actually everything that they were promised to be.

Mesh and summer gel together

And the best thing is that sweat does not play a part in it. That is how comfortable we all have felt when in mesh snapbacks through the summer. The air vents in mesh snapbacks allows for a lot of air to circulate throughout the rear panels of the cap.

The best part about wearing mesh in summer is that you will not have to worry about wearing black anymore. With a mesh rear panel, you get all the comfort while wearing your favorite color.

And it’s a whole new style

Who does not like to flash some new style at the start of a new season? While everyone goes for lighter color caps and larger hats, you could choose the mesh snapback to make a new statement all together.

Almost every celeb worth note has already been spotted with mesh caps. If you got a new hair color, this is your chance to show off without letting the sun dud you.

The best brands sell mesh

Be it Melin, 47, New Era or Mitchell & Ness – almost every brand worth a mention sell mess snapbacks. And they do not do it for the comfort alone. The mesh style is a rave and every major player in the industry is wisely willing to cash in.

If you are having a hard time spotting the best mesh caps for you, visit our e-store and choose something from your favorite brand. Check out free shipping options all over Australia.

Summeris the new cool

The beach smells different, sports become a lot cooler, and stadiums are filled to the brim – that’s what summer is to us. If you are on the same page, a mesh snapback could just be the difference between the last summer and the one that is to come.

And honestly, a lot of summer fashion trends tend to ignore headwear all together. We think it is essential for people to have a headwear on when stepping out into the sun.

Off-season discounts are cooler

The best part about mesh headgears outside of summer is that they are usually available at a discount. That is generally because the demands are not too high at the stories and people want only the latest fashion the moment the next summer arrives.

We do not guarantee this part though. On our end, we run thematic discounts all through the year. Watch out our homepage for the next discount window and you might just land on your favorite brand’s mesh cap.

Men in Black: How Well Does The Black MELIN Fit Your Scheme?

What’s it with the black shade and men of style? For all of Hollywood’s stretch with rainbows and unicorns, there is still no equivalent of the good old black and all its accompanying shades. Black does well on clothes, just the way it does fine with accessories like shoes and caps.

There’s enough on the web on what a pair of black sneakers mean to the ‘sport’ in your personality. But surprisingly, not enough people seem to understand (or appreciate) the value of black-themed snapbacks. What’s sadder is that this applies to the potential buyer, just the way it applies to people who are supposed to be writing on (sport) fashion.

Is sporting fashion for gentlemen?

We have come across this theory pretty often. It reads something like “fashion in sport does not apply to gentlemen.” And at least on the face of it, there is partial truth in, too. Most of this is because a lot of what gets passed as “sports fashion” is too easily viewed as too funky for gentlemen. However, the truth could not be farther from it. Let’s ask ourselves: we’re the sport fans from the last century not qualified as gentlemen? Or, where they weary of donning sporting merchandise in the first place?

Cleary not! Back then, sport accessories cut across fashion stereotypes and men in black did their formal and sport attire with just as much passion. And if you ask us, there is hardly any exponent of black fashion headwear than Melin!

Melin snapbacks Australia: class and finesse simplified

If you are not a Melin fan already, we have a few things to show you. These black caps are not just regular offerings from Melin. These are more like tokens of faith that we at Phat Headwear sell with pride. Take a closer look and we will talk back.

1. Melin Sharpshooter Black

Melin Sharpshooter Black

Throw a deep glance at this beauty from Melin. Built with the all new hydro shell technology, this is one cap that makes all other water-repellant stories seem passé. The top visor and front panel is built with Japanese neoprene.

Apart from a bunch of bombshell features that we have gotten used to expecting from Melin, the Melin Sharpshooter black cap has this strange capacity for adapting to just about anything you are wearing. And that makes it all the hotness that it was promised be!

2. Melin Amphibian Black Snapback

Melin Amphibian Black Snapback

You reserve the right to call us out for the bias. But honestly, we are ready to take whatever comes our way for our love for the Melin Amphibian Black snapback. The Laser Perforated Poly Micro-Suede back panels make this a feast for the eyes. The top-of-the-line feature list is just too awesome for us to explain out in detail!

Just know that if you are someone who loves black, this is for you. And if you are the occasional black-wearer, this is your best occasion to score.

3. Melin trooper Snapback

Melin trooper Snapback

Why is this rather simple-looking cap our winner for the day? That’s because The Melin Trooper Snapback is among the few most dynamic black caps that we have seen for a while. It is made from the finest materials and offers you what we proudly call the Melin fit.

Wear this one to the field, to parties, and to your dates too!

Game of Hats: You May Not Recognize Your Favorite GOT Actors in Headgear (Not All Snapbacks)

Well, well, well! The seventh season of Game of Thrones was filled with all kinds of crazy and honestly, we’re having a hard time going back to the normalcy of life. For all we know, it could take a year (or longer) for season eight to land our laps. In the meanwhile, we thought we would bring to you some of our favorite GOT actors in their normal, everyday looks with one commonality – a cap. Incidentally, that is also what we love the best.

So, here it is guys – some cool people in cool headgear!

1. Kit Harington

Kit Harington

Let’s start with the most talked about man from the show. Kit Harington aka Jon Snow looks absolutely stunning as always. He is well on his way to become one of the most memorable actors on TV history and thanks to GRRM, for reasons he would have never thought as a teenager.

Nevertheless, covered in a pair of denims, a solid t-short, a denim jacket, and a matching cap, Jon Snow looks fresh and out of the forever-gloomy appearance he always wears on the show. Yes, we will adopt him someday!

2. Alfie Allen

Alfie Allen

Speaking of adoption, here is Alfie Allen or Theon Grejoy (who was adopted as a boy by Ned Stark). This image is from a Land Rower bar meet that he was a part of. Also attending the meet was Hollywood celeb Liam Hemsworth.

The beanie and wayfarer certainly give him a bright look that we do not see much from him on the show. Moreover, is that snow on the jacket?

3. Neil Fingleton

Neil Fingleton

You may not instantly recognize Neil Fingleton. The 7 foot, 7 inch actor played a giant on the show. Sadly, he passed away at the age of 36 from heart failure. May his soul rest in peace!

4. Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

You might instantly recognize her for she is the mother of the dragons, breaker of chains, killer of rains, and what not. Daenerys Targaryen played by Emilia Clarke is on the same stage as Jon Snow when it comes to importance of individual characters.

This particular picture is a still from the movie Dom Hemingway (a must watch), where she plays the estranged daughter of a convicted man. We cannot decide if it is the cap or the smile, but looking at this photo makes us want to freeze time.

5. Grey Worm

Grey Worm

Well, this is not Grey Worm. New Zealand cricketer Ross Taylor was in England to catch a glimpse of a football match. Many fans of the show approached him thinking he was the actor that plays the commander of the unsullied army.

6. Daniel Portman

Daniel Portman

Brienne’s apprentice, Podrick is played by Daniel Portman. Just like in the show, Portman always wears a hearty smile. And the old school hat looks quite a charm on him. Might we just add him to the list of people we want to officially adopt!

7. Nicolaj Coster-Waldau

Nicolaj Coster-Waldau

He is one of the all-time greatest swordsman in all of Westeros. And here is Nikolaj transforming into a fine assassin for one of his movies. When you are a Lannister with high cheekbones and a pointed nose, you might as well wear black for the rest of your life!

8. Rorry McCann

Rorry McCann

The Hound is many people’s favorite character on the show and we totally agree with them for being on the right track. And look who we spotted Rorry McCann with – a hound, and a cap too! If you want to do leisure anytime soon, that is how you do it.

Floyd Mayweather Makes History: Some Caps He’s Donned in The Past

Floyd “Money” Mayweather could well go down the canals of history as the best modern fighter to step in the ring. And just like other pop and rock icons of the time, Mayweather has a thing for caps – costly ones, mostly. Time and again, he has been seen wearing some of the best branded snapbacks that hit the limelight. At Phat Headwear, we are total snapback fans. And it is such a pleasure to see some of the most sensational people around share our passion.

So without much ado, we will take you around some of the (panel voted) best caps that Floyd Mayweather has spotted.

1. My Name is 48

My Name is 48Source: Yahoo Sports

Floyd Mayweather donned this cap before his super-hyped fight with Conor McGregor. We all know that he stood at 49-0 when this snap happened. So why did he choose 48 with the imprint of the American flag? Was he simply saying hello to the 48 states of the yore?

Turns out negative! In fact, he was reminding us of the 2015 fight with Manny Pacquiao. Incidentally, that happened to be Fight 48. Also, Floyd’s favorite show was The First 48, he told Yahoo Sports.

2. Mr. Cool Weather

Mr. Cool WeatherSource: Low Kick

How cool is this expression for a person who is unbeatable at the moment? Well, Floyd Money Mayweather hasn’t seen the face of defeat in his career. And this is what people who love him best love most about him. He is so unpredictably fashionable that we would have it no other way!

3. How Stars Smile

How Stars SmileSource: CBS Sports

Believe us when we say it – we tried. We tried hard to find someone as comfortable in their own skin as Floyd is in this picture. From the looks of it, he is donning one of those wider front panels that the music legends are known for.

The starry design of the cap sure catches a million eyes, and so does Floyd’s oh-so-innocent smile. We give him special points for making those cute eyes. And for the sake of the nascent universe, will someone tell us what is that watch?

4. Legally Money

Legally Money

When you post photos like this on your Instagram, you are more than in the mood to mint money. Now you can have your own take about someone flaunting money like that. But for us, that cap is worth more than all the money lying down on the bed.

What’s your take about money on the bed? We say there will still be Mr. Money there even if you remove the cash!

5. Of Caps and Shades

Source: Jocks and Stiletto

Of Caps and Shades

Source: Jocks and Stiletto

Here’s one from The Money Team, the official merchandise seller for Floyd Mayweather. We love the way the raised undervisor makes that little room for those awesome wayfarers. The TMT label takes center-stage and might we add Floyd looks more handsome than ever.

Which one do you think was Floyd’s best look in a cap? Did we miss any? Add them in the comments below.